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Horseback riding vacations in Peru, the Sacred Valley Ride


The Sacred Valley Ride

10-days/ 9-nights

Our signature and most popular ride starts from our riding operation in the heart of the Sacred Valley at about 8,500 feet (2,800m). The Sacred Valley Ride is more than just an unforgettable riding experience in the Andes. It combines culture, history and adventure with a taste of fine Peruvian cuisine and first-class hotels. This is a magical trip with plenty of comfort. 


The ride follows a route across the Urubamba River, up through mountain pasture where smiling Quechua children herd sheep and cattle, to highland terraces and small mountain villages, where the horses' hooves echo on ancient cobblestone roads. Oxen pull wooden ploughs through the fields, travel is mainly by foot, and the native people speak Quechua, the language of the Incas.


The scenery of Andean Peru is beyond description; the mountains around rise to incredible heights. As you experience horseback riding in Peru, you will love our beautiful and intelligent horses. They allow you to cover the miles effortlessly without needing a rising trot or a two-point canter.

The trip includes visiting the legendary Inca citadel of Machu Picchu and starts in the ancient Inca capital of Cusco.






A decent level of physical fitness is required because of the high altitudes of 2,800 - 4,350 m./ 9,000 – 14,300 ft.


  • Day 1: 

    Arrive Cusco / Hotel Costa del Sol, Cusco.

  • Day 2: Arrive at the ranch, riding instructions & introduction. Short afternoon ride in the Sacred Valley / Hotel Sonesta Posadas del Inca. (B,L,D)

  • Day 3: Horse Riding Day / Hotel Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Sacred Valley. (B,L,D)

  • Day 4: Horse Riding Day / Hotel Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Sacred Valley. (B,L,D)

  • Day 5: Explore the Sacred Valley - private transport & driver/ Hotel Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Sacred Valley. (B)

  • Day 6: Horse Riding Day / Hotel Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Sacred Valley. (B,L,D)

  • Day 7: Horse Riding Day / Hotel Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Sacred Valley. (B,L,D)

  • Day 8: Horse Riding Day / Hotel Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Sacred valley. (B,L,D)

  • Day 9: Visit Machu Picchu / Hotel Sonesta Posadas del Inca, Sacred Valley. (B,D) 

  • Day 10: Departure (B)


(B: Breakfast/L: Lunch/D: Dinner​)


Click on the image below to open our brochure with the itinerary, pricing, scheduled departure dates and all other trip details for 2024. You can also download the brochure in PDF format.

Sacred Valley Ride, Peru


"Absolutely fantastic. Horses were very well looked after. Eddy is an amazing horseman who knows and loves his horses. Riding was an incredible experience." 

Charlotte - United Kindom

"The best riding holiday ever. There are few words to describe how brilliant this ride is. The horses were in beautiful condition and are Eddy's pride and joy."  

Shirley - New Zealand

"It was an amazing holiday and the best way to see Peru. The days just got better and better as the week went on. Would definitely go again!"  

James - United Kingdom

"A truly wonderful trip. I have ridden in many different countries (and I know how lucky I am). This trip was up there with the best. Fun, feisty horses, history, stunning scenery and great hosts who care about their horses and guests. In that order. Which is how it should be. Thanks, Eddy and Marcela for letting us join your family for a short time. It was a delight."  

Barbera Slater - United Kingdom

"Dear Eddy, thank you and your staff, Marcela, Fernando & Willie for the most amazing holiday. It far exceeded my expectations and I along with my friends enjoyed every minute of every ride. Each day was so different, it was a brilliant adventure on these magnificent Paso horses. The scenery, countryside and people are beautiful. You fed and watered us very well and took us to some stunning places. I will always cherish this trip and Peru and I hope to come back soon. Thanks again Denise xxx."  

Denise Large - United Kingdom

"Thank you and your staff for a wonderful holiday. I enjoyed every minute of it, the amazing horses, the beautiful scenery, riding up through the remote villages, and experiences never to be forgotten. The food was delicious and the pisco sours went down extremely well !! A holiday of a lifetime. Thank you so much for everything. Love Katrina xx."  

Katrina Clark - Ireland

"Thank you! Thank you Eddy for a truly magical experience for Laura and me. Your attention to detail is impeccable and the whole experience was truly life-changing as we learned so much about the love of Peruvian horses, food, culture, and way of life." 

Michele Juliana - USA

"It was evident that the ride organizer loves what he does, which made the experience that much more pleasurable. His charm and wit along with the panoramic landscape, excellent food and accommodations made for a perfect experience. His small staff was very pleasant, highly organized and made us feel like part of the family." 

Megyn Craine - USA

"Riding these beautiful, spirited and honourable horses was an experience way beyond words. Well, actually it was sublime. Thank you Eddy and Marcela you are true horse people as well as fabulous hosts. This ride is an absolute must as the horses are without doubt the best, the scenery spectacular, the ride combines classical riding with the culture and history of Peru, great hotels as well as Marcela's exquisite cuisine. Eddy lives for his horses and they show every inch of his love. Thank you also to our great group. We had a ball didn't we!" 

Deborah Walker - Australia

"Stunningly beautiful, fit, willing horses and the most comfy way to ride. Least sore I've ever been on a riding trip. Both the food and the quality of the accommodation were the best I've ever experienced on a riding holiday. Outstanding!

You must take it easy the first couple of days. You get extremely out of breath easily. Don't rush and your body will adjust to the altitude in a few days. In addition to riding through spectacular scenery on beautiful horses, you get to visit amazing Inca sights. Cannot recommend this trip highly enough!"

Francesca Chiavarini - United Kingdom

"If you do one riding holiday in your life, make it this one. You won't regret it!"

Siobhan - West Sussex, UK

"The Sacred Valley Ride culminates in a trip to the spellbinding lost city of Machu Picchu, and a final dinner at the ranch before lump-in-the-throat farewells and the inevitable return to your own reality. Having arrived in Peru alone, I left with a treasure chest of memories and several new friends from across the globe, bonded for all time by our shared adventure and completely in love with the Peruvian Paso horse and the land it treads.

Judging not only from my own experience but the accounts of numerous others, you cannot fail to be profoundly moved by this journey, and are bound to return rejuvenated, inspired and at peace with the world."

Jackie Cunniffe - South Africa

Horseback riding in Peru
Horseback riding in Peru
Horseback riding in Peru
Horseback riding in the Sacred Valley, Peru
Horseback riding in Peru - The Sacred Valley Ride.
riding holidays in peru
Riding expeditions in the Andes
The Sacred Valley Ride, Peru. Horseback riding expedition in the Andes.
Horseback riding expedition high in the Andes of Peru
Horse riding holidays in Peru, the Sacred Valley Ride.
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The Sacred Valley Riding Holiday in Peru
Perol Chico Ranch in the Sacred valley, Peru
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The Sacred Valley Ride

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