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The Humboldt Ride

8-days/ 7-nights

Discover Peru's natural wonders

Our coastal ride in Arequipa is named in honour of the famous German naturalist, aristocrat and scientific explorer Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859). He studied a cold, low-salinity current that flows from the tip of Chile to Northern Peru. The Humboldt Current, or the Peru Current as it is now called, pulls plankton-rich water from deep in the Pacific to the surface, feeding vast numbers and varieties of fish and birds and creating one of the most vibrant and productive aquatic ecosystems on Earth. This current, originated by the rise of very cold, deep waters to the surface of the sea, also determines the climate of the Peruvian coast, because it limits evaporation.










Our Humboldt Ride starts in Arequipa (a.k.a. the 'White City'), where you will visit the renowned Monastery of Catalina de Siena, a large monastery of the Dominican order built in the late 16th century. Built entirely in sillar (a volcanic rock), it is an outstanding sample of Viceregal architecture and houses a valuable collection of more than 400 paintings, mainly of the Cusco school. 

Colonial architecture, a charming city centre, museums and the five nearby volcanoes have awarded Arequipa the status of UNESCO World Heritage City.


The following days include riding through a variety of terrain and gorgeous scenery. 

Some areas along the sandy dunes and gorges are covered with soft white volcanic ash. On 19 February 1600, the Huaynaputina volcano in the Moquegua region of southern Peru exploded catastrophically. The 16-day eruption of Huaynaputina volcano was the largest eruption in South America and one of the largest in the world in the past 1000 years. Ashfall was reported 200–500 km away in south Peru, west Bolivia, and north Chile. The white ash from Huaynaputina can still be found in some parts of Arequipa's desert coast but does not affect the safety during the ride. The ride will also bring you through beautiful green and lush valleys and around coastal lakes, offering a variety of landscapes and amazing vistas.


During the ride, we will visit the Vitor Valley, known for its wineries and traditional Pisco producers, and many other places and sites of interest, such as the petroglyphs in the La Caldera Valley, the Fishing Port of Quilca and the Lagunas de Mejia National Sanctuary, a wildlife sanctuary for migratory and resident birds. Here we might spot the grey gull, the sanderling, the Black skimmer, Belcher's gull, the kelp gull, the Grey-headed gull, the White-tufted grebe, the Great grebe, the White-cheeked pintail, the Cinnamon teal, the Common moorhen, the Virginia rail, the Cocoi heron, the Snowy egret, the Little blue heron, the Chilean flamingo, among others.

Mid-ride, we'll arrive at the Caleta San Jose to relax on the beach and enjoy a private boat trip to explore and discover the rich and fascinating marine life along Peru's South Pacific Coast. 


The accommodations during the ride are comfortable hotels, a country club, an exclusive private residence and an exotic beach lodge. Our backup during the ride consists of a 4x4 vehicle, a van for your transfers, a horse truck, a cook and professional staff to take care of the horses and all the logistics. 

This coastal riding holiday is an enriching, once-in-a-lifetime equestrian travel experience, with spectacular views and landscapes, fantastic horses, cultural side trips, history, nature, comfortable accommodations, friendly staff and knowledgeable and experienced guides. Not to mention the beautiful weather year-round, culinary delights and time to relax and chill out on the beach while enjoying a delicious Pisco Sour (our national cocktail).




Day 1: 

Arrive in Arequipa/Visit the Monasterio de Santa Catalina/Dinner & Hotel Arequipa/(D).

Day 2:  

Full riding day in Majes - La Joya/Visit the Valley of Petroglyphs La Caldera/Overnight and dinner at the Campo Albergo de Samambaias/(B,L,D).

Day 3: 

Full riding day in the Valle de Vitor/Visit traditional Pisco producers/Overnight and dinner at a beautiful private residence/(B,L,D).

Day 4: 

Full riding day departing in the desert/Lunch at the Fishing Port of Quilca/Afternoon ride along the Pacific coast/Overnight and dinner at the eco-lodge San Jose/(B,L,D).

Day 5: 

Private boat trip along the Pacific coast, BBQ, party time and overnight at the eco-lodge San Jose/(B,L,D).

Day 6: 

Full riding day along the Pacific Coast/Overnight and dinner in Mejia/(B,L,D).

Day 7: 

Full riding day/Visit the Lagunas de Mejia, National Bird Sanctuary/beach ride/overnight in Arequipa/ (B.L.D).

Day 8: 


Trip Dates & Pricing:


Dates are flexible (year-round), min. 2 riders. 

Price 2024, 8 days/7 nights:

3 or more riders: $ 3.970 p.p./2 riders: $ 4.590 p.p.

Single supplement: $ 560

The Humboldt Ride, brochure


  • WEIGHT LIMIT: 90 KG./14 ST/198 POUNDS).



Pisco producers in the Vitor Valley, Arequipa.
Horse riding holidays in Arequipa Peru. Mejia National Sanctuary.
Horse riding expedition in Peru, Pacific coast. South America
Horseback riding expedition in Arequipa, Peru, South America.
Horseback riding Arequipa, Peru
Horseback exploration Pacific Coast Arequipa
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