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Horseback riding vacations in Peru

The beginning 


Eduard van Brunschot (better known as Eddy) is the founder of Perol Chico and is of Dutch and Peruvian descent. Eddy moved to Peru in 1996, bought some farming land in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and started constructing his new home. He also bought a couple of Peruvian Paso horses for pleasure and joy.

While exploring the fantastic trails high in the surrounding mountains, Eddy soon discovered that the Peruvian Paso horse was the ultimate trail-riding horse: unrivalled in endurance and comfort. 

No established or professional horse-riding operation existed in those days, which led to him creating his company and offering exceptional riding expeditions to travellers. Eduard became the pioneer of equestrian tourism in Peru and his riding expeditions soon appeared in horse magazines, guidebooks and the brochures of prestigious equestrian travel agencies worldwide. National Geographic listed his rides in the Andes in the "Top 10 Horseback Rides in the World". 

Our Company

The world is changing, and so is today's business landscape. The consciousness of individuals, organisations, countries and cultures is evolving towards a greater awareness of our impact on other human beings and the environment in which we live. In this new era of doing business, companies must not only focus on profits and serve individual needs but also contribute and engage more with community development and sustainability. More than ever, businesses are called upon to contribute rather than harm and be more honest, transparent and ethical.


Since the beginning, our company has followed a sustainable and conscious way of managing our horse-riding business based on humanist beliefs and values.  

Tourism is vital for Peru's economy and expanding human flourishing and dignity to our communities. A significant portion of Perol Chico's revenues is spent, directly or indirectly, in our local economy. From this perspective, booking a riding holiday with us contributes to human development and welfare in our country, both locally and beyond the perimeter of our community.

The Ranch

October 2020

“Queremos hacerle llegar nuestra felicitación y reconocimiento por la labor que viene haciendo desde hace 24 años por nuestra Raza Caballar, El Caballo Peruano de Paso.”

“We want to send you our congratulations and appreciation for the work you have been doing for 24 years for our Horse Breed, The Peruvian Paso Horse.”



National Association of Breeders and Owners of Peruvian Paso Horses

Horse riding holidays in Peru
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