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Horseback riding vacations and expeditions in Peru

Exploratory Expeditions

Horse riding holidays & adventures in Perú 

Perol Chico offers exceptional riding holidays, expeditions and private equestrian tours & activities in Peru. Founded in 1996 by Dutch-Peruvian Eduard van Brunschot, the prestigious and well-established ranch is home to some of the finest Peruvian Paso horses, well-trained and conditioned for long-distance rides at high altitude.


The ranch is nestled against a majestic mountain backdrop in the heart of the mythical Sacred Valley of the Incas, between Cusco and Machu Picchu. This beautiful part of the Peruvian Andes offers some of the most spectacular scenery and vistas in the world, with endless miles of riding trails on ancient Inca roads that were once part of the impressive Inca road network, the 'Qhapaq Ñan' (25.000+ miles long). 


Perol Chico's multi-day rides are suitable for the more experienced rider. During the rides, guests are treated to delicious regional cuisine and accommodation is offered at wonderful hotels selected for their local character, colonial architecture, comfort and picturesque, convenient location.

Perol Chico maintains the highest standards of professionalism in equine care, guiding, accommodation, protecting the environment and caring for guests with unrivalled personal attention to detail.​ 

We invite you to discover the magic of the Peruvian Paso horse and the grandeur of its native land in an unforgettable equestrian journey for the privileged few.

"The Sacred Valley Ride has everything that is special about Peru - local life, legendary historic sites and really wonderful Paso horses.

Enriching travel and an unbeatable way to 'do' Peru."  

- Ride World Wide.


Perú, a horseman's paradise

An informative book (84 pages) by the owner of the Perol Chico ranch about Perú, its horses and his personal experiences in the land of a thousand colours. A good read for those who want to ride with us and learn more about our country, its people, the Peruvian Paso horse, our equestrian traditions, and what makes Perol Chico tick as a company.

Horse riding tours in the Sacred Valley, Peru

A word from the founder

Travelling on horseback allows us to escape the mundane and see the world (and ourselves) from a broader perspective. It allows us to visit beautiful places off the beaten path, and discover the true heart and soul of a country not possible any other way.

Moreover, having a horse as a travel companion adds something very special to a journey. The horse is a living symbol of loyalty, honesty and unconditional friendship. Horses teach us authenticity, courage, the excitement and vitality of life....and so much more. They can help us find our true and joyful nature, and with it, the key ingredients for a happy life. 


Horseback riding vacations and riding tours in Peru
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Horseback riding vacations and equestrian tours in Peru


Horseback riding tours and vacations in Peru
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