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Peruvian Classical Equitation


Perol Chico offers a special and private riding course for 1 up to max. 4 participants only. The course is suitable for beginners, but also for more advanced riders interested in learning more about our special breed and the classical Peruvian riding style. Your riding instructor is Eduard, the owner of the Perol Chico ranch.

During the instructions, you will learn about the Classical Peruvian equitation, which has a somewhat different approach to riding, compared to the better-known English or (modern) Western styles.

During this intensive riding course, emphasis will be placed on the independent, deep and balanced seat, riding aids, transitions and the importance of 'collection'. You will also learn about the smooth, four-beat lateral gait, the ‘Paso Llano’, that is innate to our breed and unique in the horse world.

The riding course has 3 main components:

- Theory / Lecture. There will be a short demonstration to illustrate what you are learning. We believe a thorough theoretical approach to the basic principles of Peruvian equitation is necessary for a better understanding of our classical riding style.  

- Building confidence, and familiarisation with horses and tack.

- Private riding instruction by the owner of the Perol Chico ranch.

This 2-hour intensive riding course can be scheduled between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm on any day of the week. Reservation 48 hours in advance is required.

Group size: min. 1 - max. 4 participants.

Age: 16 years or older

Weight limit: 13st. 5lbs (85 kg) (187 pounds) 

Meeting point: Urubamba. 

Price: from $ 120 p.p. 


Horse riding lessons in Peru

Riding the Peruvian Paso


In our booklet ‘Riding the Peruvian Paso’ we endeavour to explain how we ride our horses and, more importantly, why we ride them as we do. 

We will look at the general principles of classical Peruvian equitation; the balanced and the non-balanced seat, body and riding aids. We will also discuss the importance and purpose of  ‘collection’ in our riding style.

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