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Parrilla Peruana (Peruvian BBQ)


For those who want to enjoy a typical Andean barbeque in the countryside and a private atmosphere, our ranch is the place to go. Book your reservation in advance and enjoy some of the finest gastronomic delights of our region.  Our terrace amidst beautiful gardens and horse stables, home to some of the finest Peruvian Paso horses, offers the perfect setting to sample Maria's culinary art and her famous Pisco Sours. 


Born and raised in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Maria learned the secret recipes of the traditional Andean cuisine from her grandmother. The smell, the touch and how to select the right herbs and ingredients for the most delicious dishes. From fire-seared duck to heirloom potatoes roasted in a sod 'huatia' oven to simple barley soups spiced with ají chiles. Maria’s cooking is just fabulous.

By reservation only.


Parrilla Peruana

Enjoy a typical Peruvian style BBQ (Parrilla Peruana) at the Perol Chico ranch. Your first Pisco Sour is on the house. 

Group size min. 2 and max. 8 persons.

La Cocina de Maria, Perol Chico
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