Peru's best kept secret


The Peruvian Paso horse is native to Peru. It is a direct descendent of the Spanish horse brought to America by Christopher Colombus and the Conquistadores.


Because of its isolation for almost 500 years, the Peruvian Paso horse has evolved as one of the purest breeds in the world and as a unique entity in the horse kingdom. The existence of this breed has been called "the greatest triumph of genetic selection ever achieved by a group of breeders". The trademark of this breed is a special, inherited, and completely natural four beat lateral gait called Paso Llano (a contraction of Paso Castellano). Thanks to its exquisite, innate and groundcovering gait, the Peruvian Paso horse is undoubtedly the smoothest riding horse in the world.


The Pervian horse is a 'hot blood', a purebred Spanish that was selectevely bred horse for the amble after reaching the shores of Peru. The Peruvian horse was mainly developed to satisfy the need for a smooth and comfortable ride when overseeing plantations and travelling from one settlement to another. It was the only method of transportation that linked the valleys, provinces and villages of the coast as well as those from the Sierra. This explains some of the virtues such as stamina and resistance. The Peruvian horses are also popular in other South American countries, especially in the north of Argentina, where they were (and still are) highly appreciated and celebrated for their velvet smooth gait, temperament and gentle disposition. In the old days Peruvian merchandisers rode their Peruvian horses to Argentina and returned with Argentina's famous mules, to be sold to mining companies in Peru.  


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