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Our German Shepherd Dogs

Perol Chico's pedigree German Shepherd Dogs come from reputable and hard to acquire European working lines.

Working line GSDs are specifically bred for their extraordinary working abilities and desirable character traits, such as strong nerves, balanced drives, courage, fighting instinct and resilience

Eduard grew up with GSDs and for many years he was an active member of acclaimed and elite GSD training clubs in the Netherlands and Germany. With the dogs he owned and trained, Eduard obtained the highest certificates and titles in ‘Shutzhund’ training competitions (Schutzhund means 'protection dog' in German).

With his dog Fax von kühlen Norden he qualified to compete in the WUSV World Championship for working dogs in Boston - USA. 

After moving to Peru in 1996, and by invitation of the Peruvian Association of Breeders of GSDs (APPPA), Eduard helped to promote and develop Shutzhund training in Peru. He conducted training seminars and courses for dog handlers and helpers in different parts of the country.

Dogs and horses are Eduard's lifelong passion.


These days Eduard is focusing on his breeding program, as well as training. 

The puppies born at the ranch carry the name of his registered kennel 'Van Brunschot' and grow up in a family environment. ​They are appropiately socialized and learn to get along well with horses and other ranch animals. 

Adolescents are extensively trained as personal protection dogs, with emphasis in the area of obedience. 

Visitors to the ranch are met with a ‘neutral’ attitude, meaning the dogs will mind their own business and behave like any normal, nonaggressive and well-mannered family dog.

German shepherd dogs in Peru
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