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Eduard, the founder of Perol Chico, loves to spend quality time with his loyal German shepherd dogs. Horses and dogs are his lifelong passion. 

Eduard grew up with GSDs and became a passionate dog trainer in the Netherlands. With his dogs he obtained the highest training level and certificates in ‘Shutzhund’ training competitions *. For many years he was an active member of acclaimed GSD-clubs in the Netherlands and Germany, where he trained his dogs with some of the best ‘old-school’ dog trainers.


* Shutzhund (German for protection dogs) training competitions were developed in Germany in the early 1900s as a breed suitability test for the German shepherd dog. This test was developed to determine if a dog displayed the appropriate traits and characteristics of a proper working Shepherd Dog. There are 3 phases in Shutzhund training: tracking, obedience and protection. The highest obtainable training certificate is Shutzhund III (or IPO III).


After moving to Peru in 1996, and by invitation of the Peruvian Association of breeders and owners of GSDs (APPPA), Eduard helped to develop and promote Shutzhund training in Peru. He held seminars and offered training courses for dog handlers, helpers and owners in Lima and other places. In 1998 he participated with his GSD at the WUSV World Championship for working dogs in Boston - USA.

Eduard also founded a dog training school for local dog owners at his ranch in the Sacred Valley. His growing horse riding business however became too time-consuming to continue his non-profit support for dog training projects in Peru. 

German shepherd dogs Peru

The pedigree German shepherd dogs at the Perol Chico ranch come from the best European 'working lines' and are an integrated and important part of Perol Chico’s day-to-day family life. Their main job is to keep the ranch and family safe.

Although not active as a commercial breeding operation, Perol Chico has sometimes puppies available for serious dog trainers and dog lovers only.