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Ewa Molin-Jones - Sweden

Client review Peruvian Odyssey (Nov.-Febr.)

Ewa Molin-Jones - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

Exciting, demanding, spectacular, restful, cultural, physical, culinary, historical, friendly, cold, warm, sunny and rainy.

Very happy to have been part of it. Thank you Perol Chico.

More information: Peruvian Odyssey (Nov.-Febr.)

Anne-Marie Leopold - Germany

Client review Peruvian Odyssey (Nov.-Febr.)

Anne-Marie Leopold - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

Thank you again for the wonderful vacation I spent in Peru. I enjoyed everything so much: the awesome landscape, the beautiful horses, the Paso llano, the interesting cultural sites and last not least the warm friendliness of the people. You all made me feel like a family member. Thank you so much to Maria and the kids for bringing joy and life to the trip.

After my return to Lima, Soledad arranged a nice citytour guided by her daughter. The next day I went for a 1000 km drive to Nazca and back. It was a long trip but every minute was worth it. I am so grateful to Soledad for her help and the great arrangement.

More information: Peruvian Odyssey (Nov.-Febr.)

Rhiannon Cooper - Australia

Client review The Pancho Fierro Ride

Thank you so much for the awesome trip. It was amazing. The level of service from you guys was unparalleled. The food amazing. I loved the family atmosphere, everyone is so welcoming.

Thank you so much for arranging for us to be in the Urubamba Valley instead of Cusco for the 'rest' day.

The local horses you have are amazing - I couldn't imagine coming to a place with such rich riding culture and not riding a Peruvian Paso, I'm glad I skipped all the tours that advertised as having 'good' American Quarter Horses. The Paso Illano is a great gait, I could ride those guys for days on end very happily.

More information: The Pancho Fierro Ride

Francesca Chiavarini - United Kingdom

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Francesca Chiavarini - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

Stunningly beautiful, fit, willing horses and the most comfy way to ride. Least sore I've ever been on a riding trip.

Both the food and the quality of the accommodation were the best I've ever experienced on a riding holiday. Outstanding

You must take it easy the first couple of days. You get extremely out of breath easily. Don't rush and your body will adjust to the altitude in a few days. In addition to riding through spectacular scenery on beautiful horses, you get to visit amazing Inca sights. Cannot recommend this trip highly enough!

More information: The Sacred Valley Ride

Fiona C. - Australia

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Fiona C. - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

The best way to view the Sacred Valley is definately on the back of a Peruvian Paso!

I did the Sacred Valley ride with Perol Chico and found them an extremely professional outfit. Eddy is the horseman and Maria his wife is the people person (you will make many toasts to the horses thanks to Eddy, and you will have lots of warm hugs thanks to Maria!). The accommodation was beyond my expectations - there is nothing better than returning to a gorgeous hotel at the end of a day riding. The scenery was beautiful and the trip takes you through little villages you wouldn't normally see as a tourist. Eddy and Maria welcome you into their home like family. The food is just amazing - I put on almost 5 kilos during my couple of weeks there! And I won't start on Maria's pisco sours... ! Each and every staff member (and they have a few) was lovely and warm and professional. The horses are beautiful creatures - but this trip does suit more experienced riders (I was borderline here and found it a bit hard going occasionally - but if you are a good rider you will fall in love with the amazing horses). If you are a bit unsure, I would recommend contacting them to see if you could arrive a few days early and do some riding practice - I wish I had done this. My big tip is to take it easy while you adjust to the altitude (and pack some alitudue sickness medication just in case). This isn't the cheap and nasty tour - this is the luxurious trip of a lifetime experience which is worth every penny - just drop a few kilos before you go - cos you will need room for the delicous food!

More information: The Sacred Valley Ride

Mrs. A.O.T. - The Netherlands

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Mrs. A.O.T. - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

The horses are sweet, beautiful, very well trained (many are prize winners at contests), strong and enduring, so smooth to ride with their paso llano!! I fell in love the first time with the Peruvian Paso horses and my love for them was rekindled this time. The ride takes you through challenging climbs and descents, so do not expect a fast paced ride. This allows you though to take pictures of the amazingly beautiful landscapes that surprise you at every bend and mountain pass.

The food and accommodation exceed every expectation. Never before was I on a trip where a true chef prepares your lunch somewhere high on the mountain side. The hotels are luxurious and very comfortable and the staff is always more than willing to help.

One of the charms of this trip is that you not only have an amazing riding holiday, but that you also get a lot of opportunities to get to know the culture, the history, the Peruvian food (excellent!!), the handicrafts (keep space in your luggage for all the things you will want to buy). Maria is the most wonderful hostess and Eddy has a great love for his horses and his country. The statement on the website: “solo para los amigos”, which means “only for friends” comes so true as Eddy and Maria and their staff make you feel extremely welcome and pamper you in any way possible. You arrive as a client, you leave as a friend.

More information: The Sacred Valley Ride

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