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J.L. - UK

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

J.L. - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

“I can give you nothing but superlatives about my ride in Peru. Maria was a wonderful host and fantastic cook. I’ve never had such amazing lunches on the trail in all my rides. Eddy is a horseman par excellence, knowing and loving his horses and making sure we were riding them properly. The horses were the most spirited and beautiful I’ve ridden and the paso llano is SO comfortable. Maybe I would have spilled a few drops of my drink if I had held one, but it was very smooth indeed. The scenery, spectacular, and the introduction to the food and heritage of Peru was wonderful. All in all, I run out of words of praise long before I run out of good things to mention about the trip. It was well worth the price!”

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Megyn Craine - USA

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Megyn Craine - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

"It was evident that the ride organizer loves what he does, which made the experience that much more pleasurable. His charm and wit along with the panoramic landscape, excellent food and accommodations made for a perfect experience. His small staff was very pleasant, highly organized and made us feel like part of the family."

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Thomas Sutherland - UK

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Thomas Sutherland - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

From the moment Maria met us at Cusco Airport, we were swept up in a warm embracing hospitality, and every detail of the journey was perfect. The horses were a joy to ride, and we were well briefed in advance by Eddy for the challenges along the way. We saw spectacular scenery and daily life away from the tourist bustle. Maria prepared delicious Peruvian specialties, and always found an ever more beautiful place to set up the picnic tent. The grooms and driver were always on hand to make the journey seem effortless. My only complaint is that the time went by too fast!

More information: The Sacred Valley Ride

Janine White - Ireland

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Janine White - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

In September 2014 I travelled to Peru and met the Equine love of my life....Cruz de Jaime. I often joked on that trip that if a human could marry a horse I'd marry Cruz in a heartbeat!

Arriving to Perol Chico Ranch, Eddie had us try a variety of his wonderfully bred Paso Llano horses, scrutinising us intensely, carefully selecting our perfect match…….and of course choosing the best rider for each of his horse’s unique and wonderful personalities, a rider who would understand their mount and cause no harm to his precious steeds.

The first horse I tried was a young chestnut gelding, slightly inexperienced but with mountains of energy; he would definitely keep me on my toes if he was chosen for me. Second up was a beautiful black stallion, lustrous mane blowing in the wind, a Peruvian Paso superstar……..another beautiful ride but something for me didn’t click…..I would happily ride him but I thought perhaps there is somebody more suited to him. My third and final horse to experiment with was Cruz de Jaime, another gorgeous black stallion, smaller than the first but with a serious amount of attitude, spunk and personality……he had caught my eye standing on the periphery of the ring and the minute I sat on him he completely captured my heart, we connected straight away and when I dismounted I did not want to leave his side. Eddie made us wait literally 24hrs before revealing who he had chosen for us…….it was agonising and despite some serious competition from one of the other riders, Cruz de Jaime was mine!

Every second I spent in the saddle with Cruz I adored…….Eddie had warned me that he could be a bit of a handful, but it being the end of the season he had relaxed a bit. He still liked to prance, cavort and show off every morning but once on the trail he was a dream. We spent six days of extreme technical riding together, climbing to altitudes of 4,350m above sea level along often non-existent rocky paths, enjoyed some glorious canters in the open space of the altiplano and he really enjoyed lots of attention, massages and stretches and scratches!

On day 3, I was particularly unwell……..I felt like death warmed up after a whole night of vomiting and other nastiness! I strongly considered not riding but I didn’t want to miss a day in the saddle so though I couldn’t even keep camomile tea down, I was not sacrificing a day with Cruz. Horses are incredible animals……they know exactly how you are feeling before you even do, they are so in tune with our energy, at times its almost frightening. I watch people ride sometimes and I can tell if they are scared, nervous, lazy, aggressive…..all by how the horse beneath them act’s, it’s fascinating. The day I was sick, Cruz behaved as if I were a small child that needed protection…….instead of prancing and jogging, he walked mindfully and carefully……instead of rushing and racing, he moved slowly and gently. Cruz knew I was ill and he was taking care of me, everybody else on the ride remarked on it, so incredible. After a mid-ride break in Cusco, I was back to my usual self……..and so was Cruz once he established I was well again! At the end of our trip I cried saying goodbye, especially when he kept looking back at me….I even tried to talk Eddie into selling him to me, contemplated stealing him, even hatched a little plan in my head about how I could smuggle him home to Ireland……..but in the end I relented realising that he had a wonderful life on the ranch and I was privileged with wonderful memories.

My handsome boy possessed grace, style, stamina, comfort; beauty.......this stallion is the living embodiment of the wonderful Peruvian Paso, the Rolls Royce of the horse world.

Cruz and I bonded and built a deep connection from day 1, even Eddie remarked on the relationship Cruz and I forged in such a short time.

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and fire.......Cruz had it all and then some!

This natural bond speaks to us of the ability of man and animal to commit to work together and care for each other in the spirit of love.

More information: The Sacred Valley Ride

Katherine Scholfield - UK

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Katherine Scholfield - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

This was an absolutely superb ride - my 26th and supposedly my last ( due to old age and decrepitude - but I said that last year as well!) but most certainly one of the very best. I have already recommended it to a number of people.

The Peruvian Paso horses were amazing. Incredibly comfortable to ride and perfectly mannered due to brilliant training by Eddy and his team.

Everything was well organised, the tack was in good condition and the standard of guiding was of the highest standard.

Food and accommodation were first rate. Maria's cooking, both at the ranch and on the trail, was amazing. Eddy and Maria are generous and considerate hosts, both with a great sense of humour and genuine concern for their guests.

The scenery was spectacular, and there was a good mix between riding and sightseeing time.

In all, I think the ride was faultless!

More information: The Sacred Valley Ride

Jim Powell - USA

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Jim Powell - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

At age 77, I can say with some confidence that this was the ride of my lifetime--unless I can finagle a way to do it again. It was truly unforgettable, close to perfect in every way: scenery, history, food, pisco sours, hotels, shopping, Eddy and Maria and their crew. But above all were the horses--the horses. Top-flight equine athletes at the peak of conditioning, yet a pleasure to ride under Eddy’s expert tutelage. Thank you, Eddy, from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget you or this wonderful ride.

More information: The Sacred Valley Ride


“Queremos hacerle llegar nuestra felicitación y reconocimiento por la labor que viene haciendo desde hace 24 años por nuestra Raza Caballar, El Caballo Peruano de Paso.” / “We want to send you our congratulations and appreciation for the work you have been doing for 24 years for our Horse Breed, The Peruvian Paso Horse.”


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