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Carlene - USA

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

We loved our riding holiday! Eddie, Maria, Fernando and Willie were great! Eddie is very knowledgeable about horses and the Peruvian style riding, we learned quite a bit from him! The horses are amazing and well taken care of & just an overall pleasure. Maria is wonderful! We loved her cooking, energy & Pisco Sours! We had such a great time riding, eating, & spending time with the ranch crew. They were accommodating for unforeseen bumps that happened during the trip and we couldn't have been treated better. By the end of the trip we felt more like family than tourists.

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Kathy Dodd - USA

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

What a wonderful vacation! Thank you so much for your hospitality and sharing your family and time with us. I had the best horse.....Honey Bunny! (smile)

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Michele Juliana - USA

Client review The Monasterio Ride

Michele Juliana - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

Thank you! Thank you Maria and Eddy for a truly magical experience for Laura and myself. Your attention to detail is impeccable and the whole experience was truly life changing as we learned so much about the love of Peruvian horses, food, culture, and way of life.

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Marcelle Leblanc - USA

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Marcelle Leblanc - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

This is a trip of a lifetime! If you are looking to see an amazing country filled with culture up close and personal, this is the way to do it. The horses and tack are top notch. The hospitality will blow you away. Your every need is attended to by friendly, knowledgeable staff. Not to mention the food! We had the freshest, most elaborate meals served to us at every stop. We were so sorry to say goodbye. I felt like I was leaving family.

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J.L. - UK

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

J.L. - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

“I can give you nothing but superlatives about my ride in Peru. Maria was a wonderful host and fantastic cook. I’ve never had such amazing lunches on the trail in all my rides. Eddy is a horseman par excellence, knowing and loving his horses and making sure we were riding them properly. The horses were the most spirited and beautiful I’ve ridden and the paso llano is SO comfortable. Maybe I would have spilled a few drops of my drink if I had held one, but it was very smooth indeed. The scenery, spectacular, and the introduction to the food and heritage of Peru was wonderful. All in all, I run out of words of praise long before I run out of good things to mention about the trip. It was well worth the price!”

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Megyn Craine - USA

Client review The Sacred Valley Ride

Megyn Craine - Perol Chico - Cusco, Peru

"It was evident that the ride organizer loves what he does, which made the experience that much more pleasurable. His charm and wit along with the panoramic landscape, excellent food and accommodations made for a perfect experience. His small staff was very pleasant, highly organized and made us feel like part of the family."

More information: The Sacred Valley Ride


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