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Riding the Peruvian Paso

Much has been written about the Peruvian Paso breed, its training, equipment and conformation, but little can be found on how to actually ride them. In ‘Riding the Peruvian Paso, Part 1’, we endeavour to explain how we ride our horses and possibly more importantly, why we ride them as we do. We will look at the general principles of equitation, then of Peruvian equitation; the balanced and the non-balanced seat, body and riding aids. In 'Riding the Peruvian Paso, Part 2’ we will discuss the importance of ‘collection’, as well as the purpose of collection in our riding style.

Our aim is to provide our guests with a better understanding of our Peruvian way of riding. We do not pretend that the Peruvian style of riding is the only way to ride a horse, but we do believe that our equitation is an important part of Peru's rich equestrian heritage and tradition. A tradition that we believe should be respected by guests who come to ride the Peruvian Paso horse in his native land.

We highly recommend that all riders new to the Peruvian Paso breed read ‘Riding the Peruvian Paso, Part 1 and 2’ before participating in one of our rides.

We have included illustrations from external sources with permission from the original authors, for which we thank them.

Due to its length, we have made the article ‘Riding the Peruvian Paso’ available in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print this article.

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