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  •   - Perol Chico - Horseback riding vacations and riding tours in peru - Sacred Valley, Cusco - Peru


  •   - Perol Chico - Horseback riding vacations and riding tours in peru - Sacred Valley, Cusco - Peru


  •   - Perol Chico - Horseback riding vacations and riding tours in peru - Sacred Valley, Cusco - Peru


  •   - Perol Chico - Horseback riding vacations and riding tours in peru - Sacred Valley, Cusco - Peru


  •   - Perol Chico - Horseback riding vacations and riding tours in peru - Sacred Valley, Cusco - Peru


  •   - Perol Chico - Horseback riding vacations and riding tours in peru - Sacred Valley, Cusco - Peru


  •   - Perol Chico - Horseback riding vacations and riding tours in peru - Sacred Valley, Cusco - Peru


The Vilcanota Ride - NEW 1D, Cordillera Vilcanota

Our idea of a horseback riding adventure is to explore beautiful, remote and unspoiled places that are off the beaten track. Perol Chico specializes in multi-day riding adventures because on those multi-day rides we are able to visit those special places. Places that can often only be reached on horseback.

To offer a great and unique 1-day riding experience has become more and more difficult in our area, due to the increase of ‘adventure tourism’ in recent years. More and more mountain bikers, hikers and drivers of loud 4x4 quad bikes have discovered the nearby trails, especially on the route “Salineras–Maras–Moray”. There is nothing wrong with that; it is just not our idea of a horseback riding adventure.

For some years we haven’t offered 1-day rides for the reason mentioned above. However, we recently discovered an old and forgotten path, not far behind our ranch that leads to a breathtaking place on top of the Cordillera Vilcanota, and close to heaven. We cleaned and restored the path to make it safe to ride and are now able to offer a spectacular ride to the less known other side of the valley. This new ride will take you along hidden trails, unspoiled landscapes and is absolutely off the beaten track. We don’t want to publish the route because we want to keep it ‘exclusive’. So join us on this one-day adventure and we promise you a riding experience beyond your imagination.

Our 1-day Vilcanota rides are not offered through travel agencies or intermediaries, only direct bookings.

The Vilcanota ride is offered from February until end of November.


Day 1

You will be collected from your hotel in or around Urubamba at 09:00 am. Upon arrival your host and the owner of the ranch, Eduard van Brunschot, will give you a display of the Classic Peruvian Equitation. After a short riding course, indispensable to understand our classic riding style, we will evaluate your riding ability (and take in account your horse preference) and match riders to their mounts. You will also be briefed on our safety instructions on the trails.

Around 10:30 am, we set off for the ride. The first part of the ride will be a serious climb following narrow but beautiful mountain trails with lots of vegetation. You can observe the rich flora of the Peruvian Andes, such as the Molle tree or “Pepper tree” (the Incas once used the resin to embalm mummies), the Sauco tree (which produce small and very tasty purplish-black fruits), the Capuli fruit tree (its fruit is almost the size as a cherry and its color, when ripe, is very attractive), the Qeuna tree (the trunk is quite twisted and the reddish bark flakes and peels as paper, leading some of people of Cusco region to call it "the tree of tourists”), the Tamarillo tree (tree tomato), Cantutas (a.k.a. the flower of the Inca), Aguaymanto (Peruvian cherry or cape gooseberry), Muña (A mint-like Peruvian herb) and many other botanical specimens native to the Peruvian Andes.

Once we get to the top of the mountain we let the horses rest for a while and enjoy the spectacular view. There are really no words to describe the panorama. After some snacks and a drink we continue the ride downhill, along lush and secret trails and arrive around 14:00 at a friends place located in a beautiful valley. Here we meet our back up team and enjoy a delicious lunch. We will be back at the ranch around 16:00/16:30 where we have one last drink together before we say goodbye. We are sure you will want to come back to enjoy one of our multi-day rides high in the Andes.

Dates & Pricing


  • US$ 170.00 (Price per person, 2 or more participants)
  • US$ 200.00 (Private ride for 1 participant only)

Price includes

  • Pick up and transfer from/to your hotel in Urubamba
  • Riding instructions prior to the ride
  • Experienced trail guides
  • Support team & 4WD back up vehicle

  • All tack including saddlebags & poncho
  • A delicious picnic lunch & free drinks

Dates and availability:

please contact us for availability


Lodging Options

not applicable

Trip Details

Riders Requirements

Riders must

- Be comfortable in the saddle for four to five hours

- Be capable of mounting and dismounting unassisted, capable of applying basic aids.

- Be comfortable at the walk, trot and short canters

- Have an independent and balanced seat and be able to ride up and down steep hills

Weight Limit

There is a strict rider weight limit of 85 kg / 13,4st / 187 pounds. There are scales at the stables and riders will be weighed prior to the ride setting off. Riders exceeding our weight limit may be excluded from the ride.

Age Limit

16 or older


All care will be taken, but we assume no responsibility for injury, loss or damage in any way. Guests are responsible for having an adequate, valid insurance policy including coverage for all the sporting activities that they are likely to participate in. Appropriate medical insurance is obligatory.
It is understood by Perol Chico that guests are in a suitable condition to partake in a riding tour, are not riding against any medical advice, and that guests know of no reason why they should not be participating in such a tour.
Guests will be required to sign a waiver of liability at the start of the tour.

Horses and Tack

The horses are purebred Peruvian Pasos. This breed dates back to the colonial era of Peru and originates from the Spanish Andalusians. Peruvian Paso horses are bred for their grace, spirit, and intelligence and are a symbol of their historic and noble past. These horses like to amble, moving fore and hind limbs on the same side at the same time, unlike other equine races that typically move diagonal limbs at the same time. During the ride you will experience traveling on horseback at the smooth Paso Llano gait (4-beat lateral gait, speed between 8 to 14 Km. per hour). The horses are well cared for, strong, and even-tempered.

The tack utilized is very traditional and demonstrates refined Peruvian craftsmanship. The hardwood hex stirrup and the guarnición, or tailpiece, are unique elements of the Peruvian tack. The saddle is a box saddle and has a deep seat.

Terms & Conditions

Read how to make a deposit on a trip, about cancellations and refunds, our participant expectations and more. Click here

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