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Classical Riding


"There are two ways one can ride a horse; as a passenger or as a rider. Every beginner in the art of riding starts as a passenger. He or she holds on to the saddle, clamps their legs around the horse and prays they will not fall off. For a horse this feels like carrying a heavy sack of potatoes on his back. An easy-going horse without much fire will allow this ‘dead weight’ on his back and do his job, but usually without a spark of happiness.

And then there is the rider. A good rider is an extension of their horse; they are able to communicate with their mount using very subtle body aids. Their hands are soft, hips flexible, and their straight and balanced seat is secure but relaxed. They can understand the messages sent by the horse and interpret the signs of excitement, discomfort or boredom. They know how and when to encourage their horse and when to slow down or rest, because the wellbeing of the horse is always on their mind. A good rider is not a burden to their horse but a partner and a friend. Only when a passenger becomes a rider will they discover the poetry of riding."

- Eduard van Brunschot

Riding the Peruvian horse

Perol Chico offers a special and private full day riding course. The idea of this program is to display the unique characteristics of the Peruvian Paso horses and more importantly, to teach you how to ride them. During the instructions you will learn about the basic riding principles of Classic Peruvian equitation, which has a somewhat different approach to riding, compared to the better known English or modern Western styles.

The program is suitable for beginners but also for the more advanced riders, interested in learning more about our horses and the classic Peruvian style. During this intensive riding course emphasis will be placed on the independent, straight and balanced seat, riding aids, transitions and the importance of collection. You will also learn about the smooth lateral gait, the ‘Paso Llano’, that is innate to our breed and unique in the horse-world.

The riding program has 4 main components:

- Theory / Lecture. There will be a short demonstration by a rider and well trained horse, to illustrate what you are learning.

- Building confidence, familiarisation with horses and tack.

- Private riding instructions (2 to 3 hours depending on riding abilities).

- Afternoon ride outdoors (2 to 2,5 hours).

As for the theory, we recommend reading Perol Chico's article: 'Riding the Peruvian horse'.

More about our Classical Riding program

Perol Chico is specialised in multi day rides for the more experienced rider. For those ‘long distance’ rides we selected and trained the very best horses that have plenty of stamina and a better than average temperament (high spirits/energy) needed to accomplish such a task. Some of our horses are more spirited than others but they are certainly not to be compared with the typical laid-back and unexcitable school horses.

The schooling and the quality of our horses can easily be harmed if we would allow people to ride them the way they please. We, at all times, want to make sure that our horses are ridden in a proper way. And we take our time to do so. Even on our multi-day rides, we start with a half or full day riding course and instruction before the ride sets off. By taking the time to instruct new riders about how we ride our horses, we can maintain a herd of happy and well-schooled animals. Horses that are sensitive, responsive and willing to please.

Because of the reasons mentioned above we do not offer regular half or one-day leisure rides as many other outfitters do. Instead we offer an intensive one-day riding course with a short ride out at the end of the day. We believe this program is an excellent option for those who are looking for a more comprehensive riding experience but have limited time available. We don’t pretend that we can convert a novice rider into an expert horseman in only one day, but we do hope that we can encourage people to discover and enjoy the poetry of riding.

During the day a delicious lunch will be offered at the ranch. The program starts at 9.30 am and ends at around 4.00 pm. Group-size: min. 1 - max. 4 participants. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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